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Ngày: 2016-05-11

Vinacen 3D Wall Panels - Inviting Distributors! 
3D wall panels are becoming a new trend in home decoration that is very popular in the world market. Because it brings the home beautiful, luxury, good price and durable with time. 
3D wall panels produced by Vinacen is durable, anti-damp, anti-fire, antibacterial, soundproof, insulation and applied for all spaces: living room, bedroom, restaurant, Bar, spa ...
* Product information *
- Name: Vinacen 3D Wall Panels
- Size: 500x500mm
- Material: PVC
- Color: white, paint color as you like
- Weight: 300gr / 1 piece
- Product features: Super durable, ultra light, fireproof, anti-damp, antimicrobial, soundproof, thermal insulation
- Advantage:
+ Use all kinds of paints on the market: oil painting, painting fragrant, especially paint exterior
+ Easy to install, you can manually assemble and choose colors according to your hobbies
+ Easy to dismantle, change the design when you want
Manual instruction : 
- Step 1: Prepare surface of the wall to ensure clean, dry
- Step 2: Use silicon glue or building glue to apply to the back of plate and then graft on the wall
- Step 3: Use silicone or white wood to fill in the gap (if any) between the panels
- Step 4: Paint color as you like
Due to expanding market demand Vinacen would like to invite all individuals / organizations interested to cooperate as agents / distributors in all provinces and cities.
When cooperating with Vinacen, your agent will receive:
-  Agents will receive the best prices from suppliers
- Be assisted in transferring customers in the area where agent responsible
- Supported product catalog to introduce customers
- Be entitled to long-term cooperation and benefit sharing from suppliers
Vinacen thank you customers / partners who have supported our products during the past time!
All the details please contact us:
06 Nhon Hoa 22 Str, Cam Le District, Da Nang City, Viet Nam
Hotline: (+84) 976 621 611 (Zalo, Viber, Line ID :thuywina)